Aug 12, 2012

Loading Up, Moving Out

Hey there!! So this is officially my last post before heading back to school!!! You might be wondering why there are so many exclamation points after that last sentence. The answer is because I am, in fact, extremely excited to go back to school! Yes, I am indeed one of those freaks who thinks buying new notebooks and pens and planners is thrilling.

A new school year means a whole set of new possibilities and opportunities and, frankly, I could not be more anxious to see what incredible things this year has in store for me. Last year was such a great first year at college, and I only have more amazing things to look forward to this year. And, of course, with the start of school comes the beginning of fall! Fall is no doubt my favorite season. And with promises of football games, jeans, boots, sweaters, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, how could I not be stoked for school???

Ok, my little nerd rant is done :). Needless to say, my last few days have been dedicated to packing:

During the tornado of clothes.
After. All packed up!
And of course I had to make an insane amount of lists to make sure I had packed everything:

Lists on lists on lists.
After many hours of packing and repacking to make sure everything fit, I am finally ready to go! Tomorrow begins my sorority's "work week" which is like a recruitment workshop. We'll be staying at a hotel downtown and then leaving straight from there Thursday morning to move into our sorority's floor in an on-campus apartment. So I basically had to pack for both events. No worries, though, if I forget anything at least I'm just a short drive from campus!

I'm insanely excited to begin preparing for recruitment and to see all my lovely sorority sisters again. It's been far too long since I've seen some of them! Luckily, two of my lovely sisters, J and T, are staying with my tonight!

At a sorority event, "Party Animal" themed.
Obviously we were meant to be best friends. Anyone who will dress as a dinosaur and a dino egg with you is a winner :)

Next time I post, I'll be back at good ole UT!

Til next time,                  

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