101 in 1001

Here's my 101 in 1001 challenge! Basically, it's a to-do list of 101 things to check off in 1001 days. As I continue the challenge, I'll keep track of my progress here by marking through items that I have completed. By March 5, 2015, hopefully my list will hopefully be checked off! 

1. Get an internship at an event coordinating business
2. Feed a giraffe (I am OBSESSED with giraffes)
3. Develop a portfolio of event planning ideas
4. Ride a camel
5. Spend an entire day tanning at the beach while reading a great book
6. Go to a petting zoo
7. Plan at least one event for another person
8. Make my own caramel (caramel is my favorite dessert condiment)
9. Splurge on an item I really love and have wanted for a long time
10. Take a pottery class/learn to throw on a wheel
11. Learn to fishtail braid
12. Keep blogging for at least a year
13. Go to every single frat house on the row all in one night (at school)
14. Stay out all night dancing
15. Have the time of my life living in Laurel (the apartment hall my sorority sisters will be living in this year)
16. Sing karaoke in front of people
17. Condense my wardrobe (or at least weed out everything I don't wear anymore)
18. Perfect the waterfall braid
19. Take a Birkham yoga class (yoga done in a 105 degree room)
20. Take a kickboxing class
21. Go cliff diving
22. Go fishing off of a dock
23. Make a three course fondue meal
24. Roadtrip somewhere with my sorority sisters
25. Visit the big sister in Chicago
26. Go canoeing
27. Get certified to rock climb at UT (you have to take a certification class to climb on the rock wall there)
28. Hold a position in my sorority
29. Have a sleepover with my Big and Grandbig
30. Go to Vegas
31. Eat a steak (I haven't eaten red meat in over 4 years)
32. Tour the Ben and Jerry's headquarters in Vermont
33. Ride a horse
34. Visit the Hersey factory headquarters in Pennsylvania
35. Take a tour of the Sweetwater Valley Cheese Factory (totally random but a friend and I wanted to while roadtripping once, but it was closed)
36. Buy a Lilly Pulitzer dress
37. Go to the Ellen Show (Ellen Degeneres is my favorite person in the world)
38. Start playing the guitar again
39. Go bungee jumping (over water, not over the ground)
40. Spend an entire day being lazy in my pajamas
41. Go skinny dipping (TMI? oh well)
42. Pray more
43. Run a marathon (the Disney Princess Marathon or the Country Music Marathon)
44. Have breakfast served to me in bed
45. Travel somewhere exciting and make a scrapbook for it
46. Knit an elaborate hat
47. Discover an unknown, quaint town and travel there
48. Develop a signature "dish" that I bring to cookout/potlucks/etc
49. Go to Disney World again
50. Get a tattoo
51. Get six pack abs (or at least a completely flat stomach)
52. Go to an amazing concert (Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Beyonce)
53. See UT football get successful again
54. Ride in a hot air balloon
55.Go to CMA Fest
56. Be kissed in the rain
57. Dance in the moonlight (remember that song??)
58. Go to Greece
59. Send a message in a bottle
60. Make banana pancakes while listening to Banana Pancakes
61. Take a trip with the big sister and the little sister
62. Be in two places at once
63. Pet a cow in a random field
64. Become an extreme couponer
65. Take a painting class
66. Climb a really tall tree (I was an avid tree climber when I was little)
67. Go to the beach with my high school besties
68. Watch every season of The Office from start to finish, in order
69. Go to a spa
70. Tour the Holocaust museum again
71. Step outside my comfort zone
72. Spend an entire day watching movies
73. Read the entire bible
74. Tan on the roof of my house
75. Hike Mount LeConte
76. Go to Key West, Florida (was supposed to stop there on a cruise several years ago but it was too windy to dock...but I've always wanted to go!)
77. Get a makeup application message
78. Take a fun cooking class
79. Create my own cookie recipe
80. Take a ballroom dancing class with the boyfran
81. Be in New Orleans for Mardi Gra
82. Discover a random holiday and have a party for it (you know, all those "National Blah Blah" days)
83. Plant a tree
84. Get a pet of my own (preferable a pug or a teacup pig)
85. Ride a motorcycle
86. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Ree
87. Win a giveaway of some sort (I enter giveaways like crazy, yet I never win)
88. Finish a puzzle (I used to do puzzles with my grandma all the time)
89. Go to an incredible New Year's party
90. Make my own piece of jewelry (or several pieces of jewelry)
91. Start a garden
92. Be in New York for the Macy's Day Parade
93. Go down a Slip N' Slide
94. Participate in an Easter egg hunt
95. Drive a Smart Car
96. Find a way to show my family how much I love them
97. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage
98. Do a Photo-a-Day challenge (via Instgram)
99. Learn how to whistle
100. Invest in a nice camera
101. Get engaged (before you freak out thinking I'm too young, remember 1001 days is over 2.75 years)

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