Lovin' Life

This page is strictly for pictures at times that I have felt the most happiness, passion, and gratitude for the incredible life God blessed me with! Here are some of the things that make me the happiest:

The fact that my best friends and I have an annual Christmas feast each year.
Being able to express my nerdy love for Ron Weasley.
Having the most wonderful, loving mother in the entire world.

The fact that I was a rainbow for Halloween one year.

Seeing Zac Efron in the flesh.

Eating caramel apples the size of my head.

Spending time with my two incredibly fun sisters.
Dressing up as Little Bo Peep and the sheep in high school
Going to IKEA

Going to my school's sporting events with my best friends.

The fact that the boyfran and I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Being with my lovely sorority sisters.

Going on a cruise to the Bahamas with my best friends.

Having the opportunity to spend an amazing four years in high school with my best friends.

Dressing up for all mixers/date parties.

Becoming a UT Student Ambassador.

Going snowboarding each year.

Playing with Piggme Puffs at Harry Potter World with my little sis.

Being blessed to have dated this amazing boy since high school.

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