May 25, 2012


Hello, bloggers!!! (Or maybe I should say hello world wide web, since I'm not sure that anyone will actually read this blog). My name is Shelby and I'm excited about starting this blog!

Confession: I actually started another blog, once upon a time. But, unfortunately, it was sort of a flop. I was a little confused about the direction I wanted to take with the blog and often found myself not knowing what to post about. So although this isn't my first time at the rodeo, I still consider myself a blog newbie. I'm hoping that this blog will be more exciting, interesting, and will help me stay pumped about life!

I'm starting this blog with hopes that it will serve a few purposes:
       1.) As a way for me to look back on my life one day and judge myself for the silly things that I did
       2.) As a way for me to keep thinking about life in new perspectives and to expand my viewpoints
       3.) As a way for me to have a fun hobby!!
                       (and most importantly!....)
       4.) As a way for me to meet other awesome bloggers and to (hopefully!) give followers something entertaining to read!

So there you have it! My hopes and dreams for this little blog! We'll see how my expectations hold up :)
Til next time,                         

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