May 29, 2012

Eating My Own Words

Howdy there! I'm from Tennessee, so "howdy" is a form of greeting that is widely accepted here. So don't judge me for saying it, mmmk? :). So considering I just wrote a post yesterday lecturing discussing productivity, I feel it is quite ironic that I virtually did not do one productive thing today.

I didn't necessarily have anything of extreme importance that I needed to get done, but still. I feel kind of odd about basically just relaxing and slothing around all day. I guess some days are just meant to be lazy, right?? I did start my summer class today, though. I suppose that can count as a tiny bit of productivity? (work with me here people!). Anywho, my class is from 8:00am-10:10am every day from now until June 25th. Which means that I will be rising and shining at the disgusting glorious time of 6:45am for the next month. You know I am just oh so exciting about this. Not. But that's ok! Morning class will allow me to have more fun during the afternoon/evening/night.

I was happily surprised with the class today. The professor seems energetic, fun, and passionate about teaching. She joked around a lot today and informed us that all classwork would be done in the classroom....which means no outside homework!!! YES. It's a business and technical writing course--which basically means we'll be learning how to write memos, emails, faxes, and other types of reports to be used in a professional workplace. So I'll pretty much be ready to start my event coordinating business as soon as I'm done with this class. <<just kidding, I might need to graduate first before tackling that goal. The two hours of class went by very fast, though, which is always a great thing when it comes to school. Afterwards, I happily drove home while jamming out to Eric Church and Luke Bryan (soooo dreamy) and enjoying the gorgeous mountain scene before me.

When I got home, I went on a nice little hour long run around my neighborhood while still listening to my country boys. I was obviously extremely excited to run in the 90+ degree weather.

Yay running.
I was exhausting when I finally returned home and was in desperate need of water. Note to self: do not run when the sun is at the highest point in the day. After showering my stank away, mumsie and I headed to the elegant Target to do some grocery shopping. I absolutely love going grocery shopping with the mumsie. I get to pick out yummy food I want and she has a shopping partner. Win win. I also get to point out when she struggles and giggle at her. I love her to death :)

Upon returning to our humble abode, my slothfulness began. I drank some Starbucks. I organized my Itunes files. I chatted with the boyfran. I stalked read blogs. I read some more of The Lucky One. I played with one of my kitties. I have no life.

The only thing I could call remotely productive was baking these goodies.

Dough balls.
But even this task couldn't really be counted as productive since I maybe messed them up a lot teensy bit. These were supposed to be Mama Pea's dough balls. However, they turned out to resemble dough pancakes more. Oh well. No one's perfect, right? They still tasted delicious!

The rest of my lazy night has consisted of me working on painting the flask for the boyfran's present for his birthday.

I'm planning on writing his name across the flag and then doing something about UT on the back. Wingin' it is the way to go, peeps. We'll see how things turn out.

Oh. I also managed to go through the surprising amount of three outfit changes today, even though I did absolutely nothing.

Creepy faces are just part of my personality. I have no idea why I felt the need to change so many times, other than the simple reason that I am addicted to clothes and always want to wear as many outfits as I can each day. That's totally a good reason.

Writing this blog post has been too productive. Must go back to being lazy. (And painting the flasky.)

Til next time,                         

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