May 28, 2012


I have come to a conclusion about myself. I love being productive, and most days I feel the need to be very productive at all times. Now don't get me wrong, I think this is a great thing and I definitely use it to my advantage. There is just something so satisfying--at least to me--about writing out a loooong to-do list and being able to check things off one by one.

I think my body feels a constant need to be in motion and to be continuously busy. I most definitely felt this desire to always be accomplishing some task this past year at school, but (most of the time), this was a positive thing and helped me power through assignments even on my busiest days. Even though thinking about our giant to-do lists each day can be daunting, I always feel better at the end of the day knowing I don't have to worry about the tasks that are marked off on my list. When the need to be productive overwhelms me, I just sit back, take a deep breath, listen to some fine country music, and keep powerin' on! I'm hoping this drive and motivation will carry over into my future years as a--hopefully--very successful event coordinator :). But we'll save my hopes and dreams of the future for another post.

So, speaking of productivity (hehe), let's segue on into what I am doing/did these past few days. I think this little rant/lesson/whatever you want to call the above paragraphs came from what I have done today so far! I went to bed knowing I needed to get stuff done today so I set my alarm for the beautiful hour of 8:00am. <<just kidding. I am fully aware that this is wayyyy too early to wake up for a summer day. But. I had all this to do before 4:00pm.
Doin' work.
After a workout at the gym, I set to work and completed (almost) everythang! I didn't make it to Goodwill--yes, I do shop at thrift stores--and I haven't finished unpacking yet, but other than that it's all crossed off! While I was picking up the rest of the boyfran's birthday presents, I found a great little gem. A diamond in the rough we shall call it.

Classy flasky.

Yes, a flask. So classy. The boyfran is turning the big 2-1 and I like to think his presents this year are themed accordingly. So when I saw this at Walmart (again, how classy) I knew he must have it. But of course I can't give him a plain stainless steel flask. So, what's a girl to do? Paint it baby. Go big or go home right? I love to craft and I just made him my first cooler for his formal this past semester, which was a pain in the butt joy to make so I knew I could easily paint this sucker. It's in progress.

Other than this little project, I've just been enjoying laziness before I work at 4:00pm. I start my summer class at a local community college tomorrow, so I'm taking advantage of not having homework to do right now. But now the enamel is dry on the flask, so it's time to prime that puppy.

I'll leave you with this adorable picture from Saturday's festivities.

It might be kinda blurry. And the baby might look terrified. I overlook these minor details and see a fabulous picture. Time to craft!

Til next time,                         

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