May 30, 2012

The Beauty of Summer

Ayyy ladies! <<< "Ok now ladies, yeahhhh, if you know you bad, yeahhhh." Sorry in advance by the way if you click on that link. It might not be the most appropriate song in the world, but it was currently playing on my Itunes and happened to inspire the greeting of this post. You can decide for yourself if the fact that I used a rap song for inspiration is embarrassing or not.

So, I'm just gonna go ahead and say that today was pretty dang phenomenal. Not only did I get out of my summer class early today (9:45 instead of 10:10...score!), but I also got to spend the majority of the day with some of the best people--madre, the little sis, and the boyfran. My day was off to a fantastic start from the moment I walked into my summer class and my professor told me I had made the highest score on the pre-final exam anyone had ever made. Ummm, talk about starting things off on a positive note! That instantly made me smile for the rest of the class, which again was filled with cooky jokes from my professor and went by insanely fast. After typing a quick email, we were free to leave. I knew I had exciting plans for the rest of the day, so I turned my iPod to some tunes from my favorite southern boys (ahemmm Eric and Luke) and enjoyed my scenic drive home. Btdubs, I should seriously photograph the view one of these days. Possibly tomorrow if I remember....

I got home, changed quickly, and then headed downtown with the boyfran to meet little sis, and madre at the farmer's market. They have a fantastic little area downtown called Market Square that is home to many delicious eateries, adorable little boutiques, and many different events. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Market Square holds a farmers market. Madre and I love to go during the summer to get fresh, local, produce and seek out unique trinkets, but we have only been to the Saturday markets before. Sadly, we were a little disappointed with the trip today because there were not nearly as many booths as on the weekend. We still made the most of our time there, though, and enjoyed browsing at the boutiques and soaking up the sun.

I adore downtown. It makes me feel so quaint and posh. <<< I am neither of those two things, but I like to pretend I am. Here are some more pictures from our downtown adventure:

The boyfran and a scary robot statue.
Love it.
 Hahahaha ok this one deserves some comment to accompany it. I am cracking up looking at this, because I basically forced the boyfran to stand in front of that truck. He does not look the least bit happy. I felt bad after making him take this picture....but then I looked at it and starting laughing again and realized it was so worth it.

The whole gang. Me, the boyfran, little sis, and little sis's friend.

Doin' what we do best (looking weird).
Needless to say, we had a blast downtown. After a delicious lunch of a heavenly panini, madre and the little sis headed home while the boyfran and I headed to campus so he could get his books for his summer classes. After accomplishing this task, we found ourselves bored. Boredom for us always leads to the occurrence of shenanigans. For example:

We found bodies of water to cross using paths of tiny pebbles in the water at the park. Ok, so maybe it was only a little stream, but still. Adventurous. Daring.

Yes, I am a freak. No shame.
I learned how to do a cool trick with my mini ice cream spoon at Baskin Robbin's. And for anyone who's wondering, I embrace my strangeness. Don't question it. We also had a grand time fawning over the precious kittens at PetSmart and dining at Wok Hay. All while enjoying this wonderful weather:

Crystal clear skies.
Today was such a perfect day, and I found myself many times reminded of the beauty that summer brings. I can't wait to relish in more wonderful days like today!

Now I'm off for a date with Mr. Flasky....we are getting to know each other too well....

Til next time,                         

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