Jun 1, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Today is a rainy day. I hate rainy days. They are sad and gloomy and dark and for someone who loves happiness and sunshine (I sound like a children's book, haha) rainy days just naturally depress me. Also, I wanted to run outside today. And I don't like getting wet. Thus another reason I am not a fan of rain.

BUT! I'm about to completely contradict everything I just said in that little rant, because I actually don't mind the rain so much today. I think my lack of sleep the week (hello waking up at 6:45am to get to my 8:00am class) has finally caught up with me. I woke up this morning and was absolutely exhausted and was seriously wondering if I could even make it to class. Then I told myself to stop being dramatic and rolled out of bed. After almost falling asleep many times in class, I was delighted when she let us out 40 minutes early. I rushed home and promptly crawled back into my bed, where I napped for a glorious two hours.

Now, there is something you should know about me. I don't nap. Like...ever. Don't get me wrong, naps are great! But for me, naps always seem to make me even more tired. I just feel groggy and lethargic when I wake up and prefer to try to power through my tiredness. This past year of college, I remember napping a total of 3 times the entire year. Crazy, I know. But to make my point--I have to be veryyyy tired to decide a nap is in my best interest. But since I work tonight and am planning on seeing a midnight movie with the boyfran, I knew a nap was in my best interest.

Wow, I just made my whole day so far sound a lot more in depth than it really was! Sorry for that overly dramatic, long description. Since I am just planning to sit on my bootay all day/read/blog stalk/other lazy activities, I virtually have nothing else to talk about. Instead, let's look at some outfits from the past few days!

Comfy for class.

 Rockin' a sorority tee and jean shorts. Shoes from Forever 21 ($7.50). Watch from the ever-classy Wally World ($5.00).
Farmer's market. Model face (kidding).

Same shoes and jeans as above photo. Shirt from Forever 21 (old, don't remember price). Wrap watch from American Eagle ($7.00). Headband from For Love 21 ($3.00).

Close up of my beloved shoes:

Sorry for anyone who doesn't like feet.
Adore these. Clearly, I am obsessed with anything orange (GO VOLS!) and my accessories are no exception. When in doubt, accessorize with orange. It's vibrant, it's happy, and it pops. Works every time! More 'fits:

Dinna with the boyfran.
Dress from Target ($8.00). Shoes from Forever 21 ($9.00). Same watch as above.

Work chic? Maybe.
Shirt from Forever 21 (old, not sure price). Skirt from New York & Co. ($15.00). Belt from For Love 21 ($1.50). Shoes from....haha, just kidding. These are required for work. They are not cute. I'm a hostess at a restaurant, so wearing black is mandatory. An all-black wardrobe can be hard to turn cute sometimes, but I think the key is all in the accessories. Things like this bright belt, fun necklaces, and colored headbands can all turn a drab black outfit into a cute and fun 'fit.

I think with this blog, I want to show how you don't have to spend a trillion dollars to acquire a cute wardrobe. By searching thrift stores, always looking at clearance racks first, and learning how to re-vamp old clothes, you can save major monayyyy and create trendy fashions! I personally am a huge fan of Goodwill--and will definitely be making a trip there soon--and will hopefully do a post soon about thrifting!

Oh, and in other news, here's how the flask I'm painting for the boyfran's birthday is doing:

School spirit.
This is the back, which I still need to touch up and finish. The front and bottom are done, so I'm close to finished! The boyfran's big 2-1 is on Wednesday so I better hurry and get this thang done!

Til next time,                         

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