Jun 29, 2012

"Snow Day"

Hola amigos y amigas! So I was going to title this post "That Awkward Moment When You Think You Leave for Illinois on Friday But You Actually Leave on Saturday" but that's a tad bit too long and would probably put people to sleep before they were done reading it. Hence, the shorter current title.

When I asked the madre last night what time we were leaving for Illinois in the morning, she looked at me like I was the weirdest freak she had ever seen (which I probably am). She then informed me that we were leaving tomorrow--Saturday--instead of today--Friday. Surprised, I blurted out how I had already requested off for work on Friday and had no plans with my friends. The madre explained that today would be a "snow day" for me. Considering it has been 100+ degrees this week, I did not know why that jokester was making references to freezing rain. But the madre was quick to inform me that a snow day was just a day that you originally had something planned but then your schedule miraculously clears and you have a free day. That's a weird way to view a snow day, but hey, I'll take it!

Before I get into the details of my riveting "snow day" today, let me back up to yesterday. After a nice long run, I fueled up for the day ahead of me in the best way possible.

Breakfast of champions.
 Full of coffee and fresh fruit, I headed to work and then searched for a birthday present for the madre. When I got back home, I enjoyed a surprise visit from the boyfran before he went to work. We chatted and checked out the little sis's new Eno.

Hammock lovin'.
I'm not sure if this whole Eno sensation is for me. I might look happy in the above picture, but I was really praying that the little piece of fabric didn't split and drop me. Irrational fear? Possibly.

The boyfran left a little later, and the family got ready to go to an early birthday dinner for the madre. Her real birthday isn't until Sunday, but she wanted a birthday dinner here in TN (in addition to the dinner we'll go out for in Illinois on her actual birthday). Can't blame her for wanting two birthday dinners. She's just livin' it up!

We clean up pretty well.
Flowy and flowery.
Shirt from American Eagle (old). Skirt from Forever 21. Shoes from Payless. Necklace from Charming Charlie's (on sale for $6.00!!!)

We went to Marlin & Ray's for dinna (where the boyfran and I went for his birthday dinner) and I enjoyed some delish seafood, salad, and crab dip. With full bellies and lots of laughter, we headed back to the casa for the madre to open her presents. I got her two pairs of earrings and a necklace from Charming Charlie's. The little sis also got her a necklace. We obviously must think she has some sort of fascination with jewelery. Here she is with all her new bling:

Thug lyfe.
She's very talented and can wear multiple pieces of jewelery at one time, even when they don't match. This is just one of the reasons why we love her :)

Since we weren't leaving for Illinois in the morning, I had no need rush the packing process. So, instead, I saw Magic Mike with one of my friends, J, at midnight.

Oh my word.
 And yes, it was necessary that the above picture practically takes up the entire screen. All I can say about that movie is omg Channing Tatum. I don't think I blinked during the entire show. I encourage everyone--over the age of 18--to see this ASAP. I also suggest you bring tissues since you will probably drool. I went to bed dreaming sweet dreams of Channing :)

Today's snow day consisted mostly of boringness and laziness. I slept til 11:30am (late for me), went to lunch and to see Ted with the boyfran and his friends, crafted, watch a ton of Say Yes to the Dress, and now I am in the process of packing. Here's what I wore out and about today:

Jeans from Forever 21. Navy and red tank from PacSun. Necklace from Serendippity. Shoes from Old Navy.

Pretty lame snow day. But it ain't no thang. At least crafting counts as semi productive!

For the precious future little.
I think I might be addicted to crafting. I guess there's worse things in life I could be addicted to.

I have literally been putting off packing all day. Now, there's something you should know about me...I hate packing. HATE.IT. I never know what clothes I should pack, and I always feel the need to try on every single potential outfit before deciding to pack it. Plus, I always overpack. And then I end up attempting and failing to zip my overflowing suitcase and then the parents yell at me to stop overpacking and then I try to decide what to leave home and the process starts all over again. I should seriously look into an Efficient Packing 101 class. Butttt since I tried on all my outfits before packing them, that means it picture time!

Purple shirt from American Eagle. High-waisted black shorts from Forever 21.

Khaki shorts from Marshall's. Purple tank from Ross.

Planning on wearing this for the 4th.
White shorts from Old Navy. Navy shirt from Forever 21. Red watch from Target. Necklace unknown. Reppin' the red, white, and blue.

Wearing this to church.
NEW skirt from Lilly Pulitzer (it came today!!! Just in time!!). Lace shirt from Ross. Nude heels from Rack Room Shoes.

Wearing this to the Cardinals game.

White shorts from Banana Republic Outlet. Orange shirt from Forever 21 (not really red, but close enough). NEW monogram hat from etsy.com (just came today!!) Here's the hat up close!

 Light blue capris from Goodwill (Talbots brand). Black tank from Old Navy. Necklace from Serendippity. Black wedges from Target.

Orange shorts from Forever 21. Grey tank from Banana Republic Outlet.

Not sure which shirt I like better so I'm packing both.
Yellow anchor shorts from J. Crew (bought them from sorority sister for $15.00). Navy shirt on left from Forever 21. Navy and red tank on right from PacSun.

Planning on wearing this on the ride to Illinois.
 White linen pants from Gap Outlet. Brown tank unknown.

Think I overpacked for six days? Maybe. But at least I have options!

So. Many. Clothes!
Now I'm going to force myself to finish packing. No more procrastinating!

Til next time,                          


  1. First, love the new name. AND THOSE LIGHT BLUE CAPRIS! Wish I could've been at the movie last night, have fun in Illinois! ;) love you

  2. Thank ya, love! I got them at Goodwill. Cheap=wayyyy better. We need to hang out as soon as I get back!