Jul 7, 2012

Life Through the Lens

Hey, friends! I'm backkkk! I sorta kinda forgot to mention that I would be in Illinois all week, and since my grandparents still have insanely slow dial up don't have the best Internet access in the world I wasn't able to blog at the good ole farm. Unbelievable as it may seem, my week in SoIll (Southern Illinois...yes, I am totally making that happen) was filled with festivities! And what better way to explain such festivities then through great photos? Therefore, I am dubbing this a photo recap of life in the farm ghetto! (It's really not ghetto. But I thought it sounded cooler like that).

We'll try to do this in a semi-chronological order. But--just warning--things might turn a little cray. <<< meaning I might just start throwing random pictures up. So don't blame me if this gets confusing!

So, we left early Saturday morning to begin the excruciatingly long joyful 9 hour drive to SoIll. After minimal bathroom stops and a lunch run at Rafferty's, we finally arrived at the farm. We said hello to the grand 'rents, unpacked a little, and chatted over a delish dinner prepared by my precious grandmadre. Since the sun had already set and--we assumed--the temperature had dropped from its stubborn 100+ degrees, the little sis and I decided to set up the Eno. After trying and failing to hang up the hammock in several different locations, we finally found the perfect spot. It may or may not have been hanging six inches from the ground between a tree and a stick thin telephone pole surrounded by rusting metal. But the minor details don't matter.

Livin' it up in the Eno.
We still had fun. For approximately 8.6 seconds. And then I started to sweat. So I trekked back to the cool relief of the house. And, naturally, I stopped by the garden on my way back and found some veggies:

Giant zuchs.
The grandpadre likes his veggies mega-sized.

Sunday consisted of churching it up with the fam, lunching it up at the OG (Olive Garden), sleeping off my food coma, and celebrating the madre's birthday.

Lace twinsies.
Any day is a good day when you're wearing Lilly.
It seems I was too busy cramming my face with birthday cake to take any other pictures from Sunday Funday's activities. Happens to everyone, right?

With Monday came our traditional mall trip. Every single time we visit the grand 'rents, we go to the mall. Without fail. Even though it's about 30 minutes away. I guess you could say we are a little shopping obsessed. Hey, I blame the madre for our addiction.
Bags on bags on bags.
My fam could single-handedly keep Starbucks in business.
Entertainment during the drive. Reppin' the sorority.
After we got our shopping fix, we headed to my aunt's house for dinner. She also informed us that she had baby goats that would need to be fed bottles of milk. Feeding a baby animal a bottle?? Sign me up!

Baby goatie!
The big sis and I feeding the babies.
The little sis and I.
Awkward goat.
I literally cannot stop laughing at the above picture. That goat just looks so uncomfortable! Maybe I petrified it...who knows. Side note: I think I was overdressed for the goat feeding. Oh well. Such is life.

Tuesday night was definitely the highlight of the trip. Cardinals game day! We met up with the madre's cousin, K Cuz, and all attended the game together.

Go, Cards!
Busch Stadium.
My gorgeous sisters.
The madre and the sisters.
Love me some baseball.
Gorgeous stadium.
Who doesn't bring hummus to a baseball game?
The view of the St. Louis arch in the stadium was so pretty. I was lovin' it! Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost. But I had a great time with my lovely family snacking, cheering, and laughing at the big sis spill carbonated water on the lady next to her. And that's what really matters :)

Hump day was the Fourth, so to celebrate we spent the entire day at my aunt's pool. This was what I had to look at all day:

Tough life, right?
It was a beautiful day, and I soaked up all the sun I could. That evening, the grand 'rents had all the fam over for a cookout. With full bellies and after too much dessert, the fam watched TV while catching up. It was great to have everyone together, especially since I only see most of my SoIll family only twice a year. I just enjoyed being in the presence of great company.

Thursday morning started bright and early to begin the 9 hour journey back. We said our farwells to the grand 'rents and sadly said goodbye to the big sis, only to remember that we're going to visit her in Chicago (where she lives) in just two short weeks. The drive home consisted of me sleeping for 90% of it and reading for the other 10%. Although I was sad to leave the extended fam, I'm glad to get back to the good ole hometown and see my beautiful friends' smiling faces.

I was reunited with the boyfran Thursday night for a classy dinner (at Salsarita's) and a movie (Katy Perry 3D) date. I tried to sing along with Katy during the movie, but the boyfran kept giving me dirty looks. He obviously doesn't know that I'm a secret popstar.

This has seriously been a monster of a post, so I'm going to do everyone a favor and just leave it here for now. <<< honestly, my fingers are just cramping, but I'll pretend I'm just a thoughtful person. Friday's funsies will be discussed in the next post! Harry Potter weekend is calling my name...

Til next time,                         

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