Jul 14, 2012

Celeb Status

Well, hey there! I can't believe it's almost Sunday already! This weekend has literally flown by. Work, friends, and the boyfran have kept me busy the past few days. But though the weekend is soon coming to an end, in a way it is just beginning for me. Why, you may ask? Because I'm leaving tomorrow to visit the big sister in Chicago! That's right, homeboys and homegirls lads and lasses, #25 on my 101 in 1001 list will soon be crossed off! But before I explode from excitement discuss the Chicago plans, let's talk about the start of the weekend, shall we?

On Friday morning, I set off to give another college campus tour to a joyous bunch of prospective students. The tour was going great (as usual...jk), and we had just finished our spiel on the school's gym facilities. While casually walking towards the outdoor pool, we spotted a little hub bub around on the pool deck. Further inspection showed us that Michael Phelps (and all his rock-hard-bod glory) was STANDING RIGHT BESIDE THE POOL.

He's the one with the white towel.
Since UT is clearly the best the school's pools are all Olympic-sized, the USA Olympic swim team had been practicing at our facilities for a few days. On Thursday, the doors of the indoor pool were opened to 1200 people to watch the practice. I honestly wasn't expecting the team to still be on campus on Friday, but I was ecstatic that I got to see them! It didn't hurt that our tour group got to stop and take pictures of the Olympian either, as I'm sure they will ALL be dying to come to UT now :)

After that little celebrity encounter, I hurried to meet some of the lady pals, J and K, for lunch. We dined at Nama, one of my absolute favorite restaurants. They have THE BEST sushi in town. I was so happy to catch up and laugh with my lovely friends. I was starving and did all I could to keep from shoving my sushi in my face when it arrived.

Gimme dat pizza roll.
Full of sushi and happiness <<< sorry that was really cheesy >>> I met up with the boyfran for a quick hello before I had to leave for work. I just wanted to chat, but the boyfran forced me to buy him dinner from Genghi's Grill. Just kidding (kind of), I willingly bought him food.

Work was work. I channeled my inner 90 year old after work and went straight to lay in my bed. I did, however, paint a pretty neat canvas.

So true :)
Today consisted of work, work, and more work. At least I'm makin dat monayyy! <<< that was me trying to be ghetto. Between my two shifts, I went on a extremely sweaty great run with the boyfran and chatted with him for a little bit before heading back home to shower, eat, and be lazy before my next shift. But seriously, I was too lazy to even lift my arm to reach my iced coffee every time I wanted a sip. I ended up just putting it on my stomach so I just had to lean down to sip the sweet nectar.

Ultimate laziness.

When I got home around 9:30, the madre informed me that we are leaving for Chicago tomorrow at 6am. 6AM!!! Too early, especially considering I hadn't even started packing. Oh, and did I mention we are driving the entire way? Yep, all 11 hours. It shall be interesting.

However, I'm extremely excited to go to the Windy City and see the big sister. We have a great trip planned (tons of good restaurants, fun sites to see, and shopping of course), and I know I'll have a blast.

So since I should probably finish packing (and make my bed, and straighten my hair, and put all my laundry away), I'll leave you with some 'fit pics of what I plan to wear in Chicago!

'Fit pics: Chicago style

White shorts from Banana Republic. Purple tank from Banana Republic. (Not ashamed that these are both from Banana. Love that store too much).

 Yellow jeans from JC Penny's. Blue tank from American Eagle.

Breakin' out the crafty shorts.
Shorts from Forever 21. Pink shirt from JC Penny's.

Casual and comfy.
 Khaki shorts from Marshall's. Purple shirt from Forever 21.

Green shorts from Old Navy. Navy/red shirt from PacSun.

Orange jeans from Forever 21. Pinstripe shirt from Marshall's.


Dress from Amerian Eagle. Oxford heels from Marshall's.

Finally bought a maxi dress!
Maxi dress from Ross (only $14.99!!).

Yay for making some progress with the packing situation! Outfits are all packed, now time for....everything else. But, let's be honest, the clothes are the most important part, right?

See ya'll when I get back from the Windy City!

Til next time,                    

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