Jul 8, 2012

Rockin' the Mountains

'Sup, kiddos! So I know I just posted last night, but I got distracted by Harry Potter weekend didn't get to share everything I wanted to! And, naturally, I must describe every little detail of my life...hence the reason I must post today! Let's time travel back to Friday for a few moments <<< because, really, who doesn't want to time travel back to the start of their weekend?!

On Friday, the lady pals and I decided to go on a little impromptu hiking trip. We live relatively close to the Smokey Mountains, so we decided to drive to the Smokey Mountain National Park and just wing it from there. Probably to our advantage, the incredibly intelligent bestie planned ahead and looked up directions to one of the trails. Our trail of choice was the Chimney Tops path, a 4 mile roundtrip hike with an amazing view at the top.

The chosen path.
We strapped on our hardcore gear--Chacos and backpacks--and began our adventure.

Me, C, J, and K.
The bestie served as our fearless leader.
Ready for this jelly.
The bestie had mentioned that the trail description claimed the hike was "strenuous," but we all agreed that probably just meant it was a little rocky. WRONG. Apparently "strenuous" means "the way up is at an exact 90 degree angle and is really 3943 miles, not just 2 like the sign says." This is what the entire hike up the mountain looked like:

That hike ain't no joke.
Literally. 90 degree angle. Fortunately, there were many streams/rocks/trees/places to pretend like we're taking breaks along the path.

Typical. Acting cray.
Cooling off in the stream was a must.
 Even though we are convinced that the actual mileage of the trail was mis-marked, we enjoyed talking, gossiping, and laughing at our inability to hike without tripping. The lady pals had their fair share of laughs at me awkwardly attempting to scoot over rocks on my bootay.

Rock squattin'.
After what seemed like a thousand years, we finally reached the turn-around point. Getting to the very top of the mountain, though, requires legitimate rock climbing. The rocks were jagged and burning hot from being in the sun. It was quite a treacherous path, but we so badly wanted to see the incredible view. With minor injuries, we finally made it to the top! And, boy, was it worth it!

Ecstatic to finally climb to the top.
I guess this makes me outdoorsy!
We stayed at the top for about 20 minutes, just taking in the view and saying how we couldn't believe how high up we were. Even though we were sunburnt, sweaty, and thirsty, the sense of accomplishment that came with climbing to the top made everything worthwhile. After the amazement wore off, we scooted on our bootays gracefully climbed back down and set off on our journey back to the beginning of the trail. The way back was completely downhill, which we were all veryyy thankful for. Seeing the car was like sweet relief!

I think it's safe to say we definitely rocked that mountain! And I honestly cannot wait to go back! Perhaps I'll bring the boyfran??

Til next time,                         

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