Jul 12, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Heyyyy partay people! Guess what?? It's almost the weekend! Weekends are kind of pointless during the summer, though, dontcha think? Actually, come to think of it, I typically work more on the weekends than I do during the week. So I guess my weekends are more work than play.... I feel slightly depressed now. On to happier thoughts!

On the greener side of the pasture, I've already made progress on my 101 in 1001 challenge! I'm pretty much obsessed with the Re-Lilly Facebook page, in which sellers can post new or gently used Lilly Pulitzer items for a greatly discounted price and Facebook users can buy them! I have been attempting to restrain myself from buying every single item on the site anything that didn't make my heart flutter upon seeing it, so when I came across a phenomenal little dress for only $45 I knew I must make it mine.

So fun!

As you can tell from my smile in the above picture, I am ecstatic about this little number. This dress is so fun, comfortable, and perfect for summer! I seriously am looking for an excuse to wear this baby. And, with that being said, #36: Buy a Lilly Pulizter dress is now crossed off the list! Only 100 more to go!

To stick with the excitement theme here, I have another fun little tidbit to share. While doing a campus tour yesterday (yes, I am a tour guide and I absolutely LOVE it!), I found a little treasure waiting for me:

So official.
I got my business cards! If any potential students desire a business card at the end of the tour, I will now have something to give them! I'm sure I'll be handing out tons.... But still, it's pretty cool just to be able to give someone an actual business card. Oh, and please ignore the awkward blurred out parts of the card. I felt it was necessary to keep last name, phone, and email private. Creepers be creepin'...

In addition to Lilly dresses and business cards, I've also been having a blast with the boyfran. Last night, I had dinner with the boyfran and the boyfran's family at a lovely little dockside restaurant called Willy's before journeying back to his house and distracting him by making him pay attention to me helping him with his homework. Not too much later, he deemed a study break necessary, and came back into the room sporting this:

Yep, that's my boyfran.
I honestly do not know what the costume is or where he got the sexy jorts. All I can say is there is definitely never a dull moment when this kid's around!

Lunchable munchin'.
We are so weird. I love it.
Ok, that's probably enough weirdness for one post. Let's move on to some 'fit pics!

Orange jeans from Forever 21. Blue shirt from Target. 

White jeans are so summery.
White jeans from Forever 21. Grey shirt from Banana Republic Outlet. Orange sandals from Forever 21.

Crafty shorts.

Shorts from Forever 21 (added lace to the bottoms myself!). Blue shirt from Target (same as above). Want a closer look at those creative shorts?

I had an old lace cardigan I never wore, so I decided to refashion it into good use! I just sewed a little lace onto the bottoms of old shorts and viola! New shorts!

So touristy.
Haha! Had to add this one of my tour guide wear, since I feel like I've spent quite a bit of time in it this week!

I'll leave ya'll with a lovely picture of my incredibly fit cat:

He works out all the time, I swear. Gotta love the little fatty :)

Til next time,                       

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