Jul 27, 2012

Olympic Distractions

Hiya! Sooooo it's kinda been a long time since I last blogged. This is most likely for one of two reasons: 1.) I have been incredibly involved with my busy life and haven't had a chance 2.) absolutely nothing exciting has happened that has been worth blogging about 3.) nothing exciting has happened but I have been pretending to be incredibly busy. Option #3 may or may not be the right reason...But now I can make a mega post sharing all the fun things that have happened over the past week! This post might be a little all over the place, though, considered the Olympic opening ceremonies have about 98.685% of my attention right now.

So since the last time I blogged the following things have happened:

--I have given many, many, many tours on campus, including one of Chinese kids who didn't speak English (that one was fun)
--I have spent numerous days at work (at least I'm making money, right?)
--I went to dinner with two of my lady pals, K and A, and saw What to Expect When You're Expecting
Outfit for dinner and da movie.
--My gorgeous sorority sister Y and I discovered our new favorite sushi place and made insanely good cookies together
I seriously couldn't stop eating them.
--I met the boyfran's Korean cousins (yes, they legitimately live in Korea) and went to lunch with them
--I ordered another Lilly skirt
--The boyfran, my sorority sister K, and I saw the Dark Knight Rises

Go see now.

--I went shopping with my friends J and J to get cute bathing suits for our upcoming beach trip
--I discovered the joy of listening to music, texting, and checking Twitter all while running via my iPhone
Yay iPhone!

--The boyfran and I went to lunch and saw The Watch
--I finally ordered my sorority badge ($143 dollars poorer....ouch)
--I ventured to the new Target that opened with the madre and the little sister
Oh hey, madre
--I learned that I actually like mac & cheese
--I have laid outside for many hours in my backyard in the anti-gravity lounge chair with book/magazine/iPhone in hand
--I tasted the absolute best mini cupcakes ever
They made my heart happy.
The mini cupcakes were definitely the highlight of that list. But that has pretty much been my life in a nutshell. Not particularly busy....just random! I am getting pretty pumped for my beach trip with my lady pals, though. We leave Sunday, and I literally cannot wait! I seriously need to start packing now (work meeting, giving a tour, sushi with the Big tomorrow) but I keep getting distracted. I am currently watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics while plotting ways to one day compete in the Olympics. My two greatest plans so far are to either discover an awkward sport that no one else would try out for or to move to Chad since they only have a total of three athletes. Chad sounds pretty promising...

 Til next time,                     

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