Jun 22, 2012

Summer Lovin'

So, I think I am coming to the realization that this whole frequent-blog-posting thing may be a little more sporadic than I thought it would be. I've been kind of sucking at keeping up with blogging for the past week, but I've just been too caught up with summer lovin' every day! And then I'm too exhausted to blog before bed since I have my 8:00am class each morning. I am fully aware that I'm pretty much just making excuses here, but it makes sense to me, haha! Since I've been absent lately, how 'bout a little recap of highlights from this week?

I last left off talking about a little visit to the lake with my biffles. After working Friday morning, I packed and got ready for a weekend at my bestie's lakehouse. We hit the road Friday evening, and after a quick stop at Kroger for some munchies, we were at the lake! We immediately blasted some music and did what we do best...dance and be weird. My best friends are some of the strangest people I know, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Our night started out completely normal. 

My darling bestie.

Beautiful J and I.
 But all it took was a couple of songs before things started getting crayyy:


So much randomness.
Hahahaha, they would literally kill me for posting these pictures. But they are too funny not to! Perfect example of my perfect weird friends :)

After sleeping off our exhaustion the next morning, we headed out to the dock. It isn't a successful lake trip without someone getting sunburned, right? Fortunately, I didn't get too red! After a gorgeous day of lounging, tanning, and chatting all day, we headed back home Saturday night. The bestie, J, and I decided a little Moe's lovin' was in need on the way back. We stopped in for some delish nachos and happened to run into a friend...

Hey there, mannequin.
That thing was way too life-like for it's own good. I literally jumped when I saw it!

Sunday=not funday for me. I work doubles on Sunday, so I basically spent all Father's Day smelling like barbeque. Ain't no thang, though. I made the most of it! Plus, I got to inhale some food chow down with the parents and the little sis at Outback during my break. Monday was the usual schedule: class, work, run lounging outside.

Tuesday brought more exciting festivities, though. The boyfran and the little sis had decided that they wanted to conduct a little "Diet Coke and Mentos" experiment of their own. So on Tuesday afternoon, we loaded up with some Diet Coke two liters and some packs of Mentos and headed to the high school parking lot.

The culprits.
 We wanted to throw the Mentos in the bottles, put the lid back on, and throw them into the air to explode. However, things went just a tad bit different than planned.
Boyfran and little sis tryin' it out.
Diet Coke waterfall.
 The Coke kept exploding on us, and by the end, everyone was covered with the sticky drink.

Although the experiment kinda sucked, we still had fun. Plus, I am addicted to Diet Coke so being covered in it was almost like a dream! :)

Wednesday night's funsies brought my lovely besties back together for a little girls' night. Primped and dressed up, we headed downtown for dinner.

You fancy, huh?
You may notice a certified giant in the middle of the picture. Don't worry, that's just my friend J. J is 5'10'' without heels. She was wearing wedges this day. Hence the giantor height.

Giant vs. midget
 We ate at a delishhh little restaurant called Cafe 4 for dinner. I don't even remember what I ate because I had so much fun laughing with my gals. I wish there was a way for us all to be together, 100% of the time. Browsing the little boutiques downtown after dinner led us to find these:

I wish I knew what that was even supposed to be. When the sun had set and our feet were tired of walking, we drove back to my house for a gab sesh. There is seriously nothing better than venting with your best friends.

Thursday consisted of a lovely hang out day with my beloved sorority sister, Y. We made pizza, watched The Vow, and discussed all the drama in our lives. I couldn't live without that girl :)

Today (Friday) was my LAST DAY OF SUMMER CLASS!! Yay! I was seriously so excited. No more waking up at 6:45am!!!! I just had to take my final exam--which literally took 15 minutes--and then I was free. Afterwards, the boyfran and I met up for a run, a movie, and lunch. It was the perfect way to spend my day before I had to work.

And now I'm getting ready for our trip to Atlanta tomorrow! I collect Coke Rewards points from Coke products (lame, I know) and I recently realized I had over 1,500 points. I discovered that I could cash some of the points in for admission to the World of Coke in Atlanta, and after finding out neither of us worked tomorrow, the boyfran and I decided to go! I have a strange fascination with road trips, so I am freaking out about tomorrow!! I'm weird and have a little itinary all planned out for us :) It shall be a grand day!

Time for some quality shut eye before my 7:00am alarm tomorrow!

Til next time,                         

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