Jun 4, 2012

Catch More Flies with Honey

Wow! Is it seriously already 11:00pm??!! Where the heck did the day go?! I swear summer days have got to be sorter or something. That's the only possibly explanation for why it seems like I was just sitting in my 8:00am class a few hours ago. Speaking of my class.... << like that transition? :)

Today we learned how to write a complaint letter to a business when a product isn't quite up to par. Since this class is all about writing in the business world, I found today's class to be very beneficial. I had never known there was a specific way to whine about a lame product, but trust me there is!! Anywho, as we were discussing the importance of remaining polite while complaining, my professor mentioned a phrase that I often apply to my own life: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. You can get farther in life by being kind and polite than by having a bad attitude about unpleasant situations. You will give off a more positive vibe by approaching life with optimism instead of pessimism. Basically, if you want to be a happier, lovelier person, then be nice! It seems so simple, yet I often find myself repeating this mantra in my head. As humans, we are easily frustrated and annoyed if a situation doesn't go our way or if someone is a total pain in the bootay less than stellar to be around. It's hard to remain polite in some situations, but doing so will make you appreciate the joyful aspects of life more!

Ok, ramblings done for the day! After class the madre and I headed out on a nice little bike ride. Except it happened to be a 16 mile trail. And it happened to be very hot outside. And the trail happened to contain multiple hills. But it ain't no thang. We still set out on our endeavor, pedaling happily along!

Biking divas.
Some people say we look like twins...what do you think?? We conquered that trail and had a great time enjoying the scenery along the way. We came across a few interesting things....

So many geese! I was afraid they would hiss at me if I got to close. And yes, that has happened to me before.

Turtle family.
They were also a ton of turtles sunning themselves on all the logs. The madre and I, being the animal lovers that we are, felt it necessary to stop and look at every.single.one. It probably added about 15 minutes onto our ride. But it just made the trip that much more enjoyable!

When we finally got back to our car, I was absolutely starving. I hadn't eaten since before I went to class at 8:00am so my belly was sc!reaming at me. The madre and happened upon this adorable little cafe/food store called the Gourmet Cafe. It was a little hidden off the main road, so I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I was very surprised. They had an amazing sandwich selection with fresh ingredients. I wanted to try everything on the menu! I decided to stick with a roasted chicken and avocado panini, sans cheese. It was to die for. Just what my grumbling belly needed.

The boyfran called a little while later when he got out of class, and we decided that we're going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate his birthday. He'll be 21 on Wednesday!!!! I seriously love celebrating birthdays, and I honestly think I get more excited for his birthday than for mine. Exhibit A:

Birthday goodies. (not in a dirty way).
Upon realizing we would be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, I knew I absolutely had to make the boyfran a birthday treat. Yes, it was a requirement. It was necessary. It's in the Birthday Laws. Since the boyfran doesn't like normal people desserts (you know, cake/cookies/brownies/frosting) I decided to try out a recipe that seemed to be invented for him. Cinnamon Roll Cake. Except that I made them in mini muffin form. Because everything's cuter mini, right?? But that beside the point. I think these turned out lovely, and I'm hoping he loves them as much as I think he will. (Side note: We've been dating for 2 years 7 months and it's sort of a tradition for me to make him cinnamon rolls each year for his birthday/our anniversary).

While those little nuggets baked, I finished wrapping his presents.

Add wrapped up.
Like I said, I think I get wayyyy too excited for the boyfran's birthday. It will literally be Christmas in June when he opens these babies up tomorrow. Also, aren't I classy for using that leftover snowman wrapping paper? (read: lazy). The things on top are the 21 shot glasses I bought him. Here's a closer look:

 Took me awhile to find 21 of them. I get really excited as I wrapped everything. And then I posted this lovely pic on the boyfran's Facebook wall:

He loves calling me his girlfriend.
I can't wait for tomorrow! Oh! And if you were wondering how the flask turned out, here it is:

Top. (his initials).
Hope he likes it! I seriously get such a thrill from giving people presents. I think it's the reactions that I love the most :) Let's round off this post by showing some recent outfit pics:

Cardigan: Forever 21 ($6.50). Shorts: Old Navy ($15.00). Undershirt: Khol's (old, not sure price). Also, see that necklace? Yeah, that's made out of a spoon. Farmer's markets are great places to find unique jewelery, kids. This is what I wore to class. But now I'm gettin' comfy in this little get up:

Got my nerd on.
Comfy shorts on, glasses engaged, and hurr up. This is what a true nerd looks like. Take note. I'm all geeked out workin' on a little project:

Geared up.
I'm making a little portfolio of event planning ideas. I actually have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to event ideas, and I decided to bring that board to life with this binder. So I'm cutting, gluing, writing, ribboning, and makin' it beauuuutiful! Later, gators :)

Til next time,                         

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