Jun 28, 2012


Well, hello there! Since my last two posts were over a week apart, I made a conscience effort to write this post tonight. The summer is going by too fast for me not to document it! Tons of funsies have already happened since my last post! But don't worry....I'll be sure to write down every detail of every little event :) << only half kidding there. Let's get started!
 On Tuesday morning, the madre convinced me to go blueberry picking with her at a local berry field. We went to a similar place last summer and had a great time picking (way too many) berries, so we decided it should become a summer tradition. Come 9:30,she dragged my butt out of bed sweetly awoke me and we were on our merry way. To my surprise, there were soooo many huge blackberries at the field!

Blackberries, nom.
 I couldn't get over how ripe the blackberries were! And how full the bushes of them were!

I guess I'm just easily amused. The blueberries weren't as lush << don't even know if that was the right context...I just like the word. But we still were able to find some big fatties within the skinny, shriveled ones.
We ended up with quite the stash:

I loved the madre and I's little tradition. I'll definitely be getting my daily recommended fruit servings in for the next few days! After work on Tuesday, I forced suggested to the boyfran that we have a little workout sesh. Jillian was our torture of choice.
Work it, Jill.
I've had this video for about a year now, and it seriously never gets any easier. I have rekindled my love affair with Jillian recently and have been spending 20 minutes a day listening to her yelling at me to work harder. This workout is no joke! The boyfran and I did Level 2 and Level 3 of the video, and we were definitely feelin' it by the end.

We workout. (Tune of Sexy and I Know It).
The above picture is most definitely the before pic. Afterwards, we were a panting, sweaty mess. And no one wants to see that. Hence, I give you the before shot. After a quick wardrobe change and wiping the sweat off my face the boyfran and I embarked on a little dinner-and-a-movie date. For dinner, we choose an old favorite--Salsarita's!! When in doubt, go Mexican.

I enjoyed a burrito bowl while the boyfran chowed down on tacos and sipped a Mexican brew. 

You fancy, huh?
 He's gotta milk that newly 21 year old power for all it's worth! We elegantly dined al fresco on the Salsarita's patio and basked in the glorious weather.

We're too cute for words.
 With full bellies, we headed to the theater to see That's My Boy. I wasn't really sure if I would like this movie or not, since I had heard mixed reviews. Call my crazy and inappropriate, but I loved that movie!!! I thought it was insanely hilarious and was constantly laughing throughout the entire movie (and was even the only one laughing at some parts). Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor, but this one was a winner for me!

I also made the boyfran snap a picture of my outfit. He does come in handy! << kidding, he's awesome.


 Shirt from Forever 21. Skirt from Old Navy. Shoes from Target. (All old, so I don't remember the prices).

Today has consisted of leading a tour at UT (I'm a tour guide), work, gym, a lovely dinner date with J (one of my oldest and closest friends, and painting my nails!

Fiesty red.
There's just something so timeless about red, don'tcha think? :)

Til next time,                         

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