Jun 14, 2012

The Blogger is Back

Hello again! Wowwww, it's been a long time! Let me start off by apologizing for my absence...I didn't desert ya'll, I promise! I did, however, spend my days since I last posted being busy and enjoying every aspect summer has to offer me! And since I have been livin' it up Ke$ha style over here (not really...I don't even like Ke$ha), I have decided it is necessary to fill you all in on a little bit of the fun.

Recap time! So, I last left off with the boyfran's birthday last Wednesday. During my class on Thursday, the bestie texted me asking if I wanted to go paint pottery after class. Of course, I clapped my hands in excitement immediately said yes! So after another painful 30 minutes of class, I headed to the mall where the pottery painting place is located to meet the bestie. We had a grand time talking and painting, and eventually I came out with this!

"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient for living." Dr. Seuss sure got that one right! Later that evening, I went to the boyfran's house for a little birthday shindig with his parent and grandparents << obviously it was a hoppin' party! Kidding :) I adore his family and had a wonderful time chatting with them for a few hours. His family's conversations never cease to entertain me. Afterwards, we had a little double feature movie date and saw Men in Black III and Promethus. I am insanely obsessed with Will Smith, so, of course, I loved Men in Black. Promethus, however, was a different story. I'm not really into aliens and space and whatnot, so that might have been one of the reasons for my disinterest. I literally fell asleep at one part during this movie. Oops! Still, it was a great night!

I worked pretty much all weekend, so we won't go into too much detail there. I did go over to my best friend's house on Saturday for chick flick night. We watched Mean Girls, my absolute favorite movie of all time. It's such a real portrayal of high school entertaining movie and my friends and I literally quoted the entire thing while watching it. In between our spouts of obnoxious laughter and random conversations, that is! It was a grand night :)

Besides working, watching movies, and laughing with friends (all you need in life, right?), I did manage to get in some physical activity! On both Friday and Saturday, I traveled to my favorite neighborhood to get in some sun time and running. Just take a look at this gorgeousness:


Lake front.
 It's so great to run here because the spectacular view makes the time go by faster. And makes the ginormous hills feel shorter. The first word that comes to mind is zen. This picture completely captures that:

So peaceful.
Simply lovely :) The weekend went by way too fast, though, and before I knew it, I was going to class again Monday morning. I didn't have to work on Monday, so in that afternoon I headed to campus to visit one of my sorority sisters, Y. She's staying in town this summer to take classes at UT and I'm so glad I'll get to hang out with her all the time!

My gorgeous lover.
 How beautiful is she?? Love that girl to death. I went to her apartment Monday afternoon and we literally sat, talked, ate chips and queso, and watched movies for hours. We finally decided around 7:00p that we should make some real dinner, so we headed to the store and bought some promising ingredients. After some difficulties in the kitchen, we ended with a delicious shrimp pasta alfredo. It.was.so.good. I made her promise to make it for me in the fall when we go back to school. After more chatting and Bachelorette watching, I finally returned home to get some sleep for my class the next morning.

Tuesday's festivities included class, work, running, chowing down on some Firehouse subs, and seeing another movie with the boyfran. This time was my turn to choose the movie. So, naturally, I picked Madagascar 3 <<< what? that's not a normal 19 year old movie?? I might in fact have the sense of humor of a seven year old, because I thought that movie was so.freaking.hilarious!!!! I was literally the only one laughing at some parts. But I just told myself this was because I'm a happier person than the other movie-goers! The boyfran has learned to embrace live with my obnoxiously laughing ways :)

On Wednesday after the usual (class, work, run) I journeyed down to campus to visit my darling Big! (A Big is like a big sister in a sorority). I was so excited to see her, I almost peed my pants couldn't contain myself. She has an internship at UT this summer, so she'll be in town all summa long!! <<< I'm obviously just a tad bit excited about this. We make a perfect pair:

We were a Big/Little pair meant to be.
I met up with my lovely Big at her apartment for a little tour of her humble abode before we headed to dinner. We are both avid sushi enthusiasts, so the obvious choice for dinner was a new sushi place near campus. We were able to sit at the sushi bar and watch the cooks make all the rolls, which was pretty exciting (side note: making my own sushi is on my bucket list). Let me tell ya kids, this was some dang good sushi!

Omg nom sushi.
I had a dragon roll and a cucumber roll, both of which were phenomenal. After chatting, laughing, and stuffing our faces with sushi, we headed back to le Big's apartment. My Big lives with my Grandbig (her big...I know, it gets confusing) so I was also ecstatic to see her. We spent the rest of the night giggling over stupid things, obsessively refreshing Pinterest, and watching TV. It was so good to see them again, and I was sad to leave. I drove my mopey bootay home, with promises to see my Big and Grandbig at least once a week. I just can't live without these people in my life!

After a week filled with so much excitement, celebrations, and friends, I hardly think it can get any better. But it can!! Tomorrow five of my best friends and I are heading to my bestie's lakehouse for the weekend. I have separation anxiety already from not seeing these ladies since Saturday! Clearly, I have no patience I am very much looking forward to some fun this weekend :) But before I go enjoy some reading before I hit the hay, let's do some outfit recaps!

Shirt from Old Navy (old). Jeans from American Eagle (old).  Belt from Forever 21 ($1.50). Shoes from New York & Co. (old).
Fresh and summery.
Tank top from Old Navy ($5.00). Skirt made by me!!! ($0.50 shirt from Goodwill). Shoes from Forever 21 ($9.50). Oh, you wanna see the skirt I made up close?

Skirt with a side of cat.
Worky chic.
Shirt borrowed from little sista. Skirt from Forever 21 ($8.00). Belt from Forever 21 ($1.50). Necklace from unknown.

I'll leave you with a funsie. I got this text from my school alert system on Saturday night:

 I'll let ya'll try to understand how that one happened, hehe :)

Til next time,                         

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